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TasteFusion: Where Fun Meets Food!

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

What was the last dish you cooked? Well, the last EDIBLE dish I made is…Noodles.

Welcome, food enthusiasts, to TasteFusion, the blog where flavors (virtual ones) collide with laughter (real ones).

Let’s kickstart our flavor-filled adventure by celebrating the masterful talents of two incredible who have set their mark (like Neil did on the Moon) on the world of Masterchef India.

We like to play a little game of guessing. So try to guess their names from the following hints:-

  • They both have the same names(starts with A and ends with K) with slight spelling differences.

  • They are from the same state, Odisha.

  • One is a winner and the other is a top 12 member of the consecutive season.

If you guessed it right, thumbs up to you, and if you didn't, FOLLOW our study page (you’ll find everything except study) now! You need some IQ updates, my friend.

Abinas Nayak

(Masterchef India Winner S6)

Avinash Patnaik

(Masterchef India S7 Top 12)

If you think they are just like other cooks, READ THE CAPTION below the photos. Both of them have one of the best hands in the whole country. Let’s meet them one by one.

Abinas Nayak:

First up, let's meet the culinary genius who stole the hearts and taste buds of viewers across the nation in Masterchef Season 6 India. None other than the brilliant Abinas Nayak!

When was the last time you saw a computer geek excel at cooking? Meet Abinas!

Abinas Nayak is the winner of Masterchef India Season 6. Who is 30 years old , from Berhampur, Odisha. He is currently working in one of the top IT firms in India, Infosys as a Senior Systems Engineer.

With his innovative techniques, impeccable presentation, and a dash of creativity, Abinas wowed the judges with his culinary skills. From experimenting with DESI cuisine to infusing them with international flavours, Abinas proved that a kitchen is a canvas(and he is Leonardo Da Vinci), and his recipes….the best colours available!

You wanted gold but you found a diamond, sounds absurd? Well, all Abinas wished was to make it to the Top 15, but little did he know he was meant to be in the Top 1 (the only 1!). Working in Hyderabad and having done his preparation well, Abinas wanted to make a name not only for himself but also for Odisha’s cuisine which nobody hardly speaks of.

I wanted to eat his food so badly (FOOD made by him) so I asked Sid (my friend) to do something about it, who coincidentally (not really) happens to be the CEO of Astrix (too unexpected). So he invited him!….and guess what (of course you would have) he CAME (to the show)!!

Even though I wanted his food, just listening to his words made my stomach half-full (Khana toh chaiye!). And me being very generous, is ready to share those moments with you☺.

Here, have some - Spotify

Yes yes I know it’s not something that will feed you, but trust me after the first 10 minutes of the consumption you will come back here to thank me(not vulgarly), for which we do have a comment section.

Abinas is a busy guy and also a humble one so he shared his secret treasure with me. Oh, by the way, treasure reminded us that we are currently searching for the treasure (still not found).

Be a part of our crew, because we need more members to have a higher chance of finding it. Well, all you have to do to be a part of our crew is click on this link (no clickbait, no promotion😉) - Newsletter We give lots of gifts there to our crew members, so better find out soon!

Back to Abinas’s treasure, it’s…c’mon guess it. It is…Chicken! And not just any other chicken, it is Chicken Besara. Of course, you haven't heard about it, it’s a treasure(not the final one) after all. He shared its recipe with us, which I will share only with my crew so be part of our newsletter asap!!

Odisha has 4 hands. What I meant is Odisha has 4 best hands in cooking, not just two(Abinas’s). The other two belong to a person who has been a part of nature for a long time. And guess what, he was an integral part of Masterchef India S7! He was among the top 12 contestants!

Those hands belong to one of the Top 12 contestants of Masterchef Season 7, a lover of nature and the representative of Odisha on the National level….

Avinash Patnaik!

“What would you do for food?”

“I quit my 6 years Sarkari job”, said Avinash. Yes, read that again. This made me have only one question, WHY??

Since I have no direct bond with Avinash, I mailed him asking about it and he agreed to answer my question but in real life! “More than welcome, sir” is what I said to him.

After buying some new clothes and preparing well, I finally met him. Humbleness at its peak, his behavior was just…top notch! Okay I understand my words aren't enough to describe him, so I’ll just provide you with a link to know everything about “the man with 2 of the best hands in Odisha”- Podcast

Enjoy! 👋 But come back, the blog isn’t over yet…

Common but a well-known suggestion:

What is the last informative knowledge you gained?

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What are you wearing, bro?

Let me show you what I’m wearing and tell me how it looks!

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Let me tell you a secret, I’ll give you a flat 10% off on this T-shirt! But…for that …you need to be a subscriber to our newsletter. Go, subscribe, buy, and wear!

So, join us on this delectable journey. Be a part of our crew, we are on a treasure hunt! Stay tuned for upcoming cool-ass blogs where we bungee jump into a whole new different world and come back in one piece(hopefully).

Bon appétit and happy reading!

Team Astrix

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