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Fashion Forward, Laughs Onward!

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, "Bro I should be a model"? Well if you have faced such thoughts, WELCOME to our delusional club. If you too don't know a thing about fashion or modeling, PLEASE read this blog with us!

Makeup or Beauty?

Some women need makeup to look beautiful while some have it naturally, thankfully our protagonist Debolin Baral belongs to the second group🙌.

From School Queen to College Queen 👑

Having come from the land of Dhenkanal, Debolin Baral aka Devy has completed her senior secondary education at D.A.V. Public School Chandrasekharpur. She is probably the most famous person in our school due to her victory in the desi Odia fashion reality show, College Queen.

That's our girl

Seeing her family members wear different types of beautiful sarees, inspired Devy to pursue something in fashion/model space.


There is always a BUT in every hero's story (not sexiest*) and so is in Devy's.

"Kapde Aise Peheno Ki Chaar Log Rishta Tod De" (English- Wear such clothes that 4 relatives would break ties with you, POV- this happens only in India). Devy's love for fashion started with hate from her relatives (typical Purana soch). Some of them even cut their ties with Devy's family.

The train of success had taken off and wouldn't stop till it reached its station. Once Devy took off she just didn't stop till she reached her goal. Do you know the judges in the fashion reality shows not only judge the contestants by their outer beauty but also by their inner beauty?! And our STAR, Devy, is an active follower of our Study Page- @astrixstudy (you need not be a fashion model to follow us).


Are you above 17 or below that? Well if you are below 17, ignore it. But if you are above 17 you must retrospect your life, because Debolin achieved all of this success at the age of just 17 years old (I still watch Doraemon)!

BTS: The creator of College Queen!

A good thing the Korean Pop Band BTS has done is motivate our star (Devy) to shine the brightest(both in life and in the show). Their songs helped her to gain confidence in herself, not doubt herself as well as win the show!

You like Kim Taehyung and I like Kim Kardashian, we are not the same bro! Debolin is a huge follower of Kim Taehyung and follows his sense of dressing and fashion style (makes me wonder who is what🗿). Guess I should do the same to get some girls' attention…


Do you know what Debolin wore during her interview with us? The boy's killer color is - Black dress. And damn she was looking gorgeous, wait wait wait you haven't seen her have you?

My fault (not that cringe shit), I haven't provided you with the link to our podcast, here:

She was on fire!

From her first appearance in the show, Debolin was on fire (not really, this ain't Haryana). Her dance moves, her way of talking, her everything (I know what you thinking) are likable enough to at least take some time out and give to watch her podcast. So, give it a try!

Love Life Limbo!

Who should you date? Who you should not date?

We can't reveal the type here but we have it in the podcast, so watch the end rapid-fire round to know its answer (No offense to anyone).

Facing rejections? So have our star, Devy! Even after being the College Queen she has faced rejections in various fields. Watch our full podcast to know in detail about her rejections.

Family pressure as well as family support!

Devy's parents have always been supportive of her and her goals both financially and mentally. And if you think about being in this field and you're not financially independent then Family Support is MUST! So good luck Abba Ko Manwane Mein…

We tried fashion on Debolin?!

How would it seem if we (fashion noobs) try to dress Debolin (*no comments)? Sounds absurd right? The only thing I can assure you is she looked better than Urfi Javed. Well, we did, here take a look at her wearing it:

Doesn't she look adorable? 🥹Well you can too! Here be quick:

We want to gift you but you are not interested in accepting it. Yes, you read that right you don't want to accept our gifts or else you'd have opened this link till now:

It's alright don't thank us for the benefits, just share it with 3 people and ask them to send it to 3 people, this should continue (for our profit)😉.

So, with this, I hope we come to the end of our fashion laugh. Be a part of our crew, join us on our treasure hunt, and be a part of our crew where we bungy jump into whole new different worlds.

See ya on the other side!

Happy reading!

Team Astrix

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