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10 Weird Currency Facts

Welcome to the Facts section of Astrix Study. Let's get started with 10 Weird Currency Facts. We hope you like it.

  1. In Italy, Parmesan cheese has been used as a currency during the middle ages.

  2. Cocoa beans were used as a favored form of currency in Central America.

  3. Tulips were used as a currency in Holland in the 1600s.

  4. Some places in Germany made their own wooden notes which they used as currency, during the first world war.

  5. The Government of the now-Democratic Republic of Congo decided to save the cost of printing new money by cutting the dictator's face out of the current currency after the overthrow of murderous dictator Joseph Sese Seko Mobutu.

  6. In the year 2007, a silver dollar coin was issued in Palau that contained a little vile of holy water from Lourdes, France embedded in it.

  7. Rai stone is used as a currency in the Micronesian island of Yep.

  8. Fiji released a $7 note to celebrate the nation's victory at Rugby 7s at Rio de Janeiro's Olympic.

  9. The world's smallest piece of currency is the quarter silver 'tara' of Vijayanagara and is only four millimeters in diameter.

  10. The world's largest piece of currency is the one million Canadian dollar coin made up of 99.99% gold and weighed around 100 kgs.

Thank you for reading. We hope you like it.

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