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10 Pepsi Facts

Welcome to the Facts section of Astrix Study. Let's get started with 10 Pepsi Facts.

  1. Pepsi is manufactured by PepsiCo, which also owns well-known brands such as Walker’s crisps (Lay’s potato chips), Doritos, Tropicana, 7 Up, Mountain Dew, Naked Juice, and Nobby’s Nuts.

  2. The modern PepsiCo company is a product of the merger between Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay, a crisp giant in 1965.

  3. In 1893, Pepsi was created and developed by Caleb Bradham in his drug store in New Bern, North Carolina, United States, where the drink was later sold.

  4. Pepsi was once called Brad's Drink.

  5. In 1931, during the Great Depression in 1931, the Pepsi-Cola Company entered bankruptcy, mainly due to the rapid increase of price on sugar after World War.

  6. In the 1950s, the new president for Pepsi-Cola was Alfred N. Steele, whose wife, Joan Crawford – an actress – became the spokesperson for Pepsi, appearing on television advertising Pepsi.

  7. In Back to the Future Part II, in the scenes set in 2015, a variation of Pepsi shown in the movie was Pepsi Perfect, which is not an actual Pepsi product… yet!

  8. In 2012, Pepsi introduced Pepsi Next, which has half the amount of calories as a regular Pepsi.

  9. Pepsi products are consumed every day in more than 200 countries worldwide. Pepsi is the largest food and beverage company in North America.

  10. Over the last 122 years, there have existed 11 Pepsi logos. The modern iconic globe symbol came into existence in 1950. The script logo was applied to a graphic of a round bottle cap with red, white, and blue swirls. The word “cola” disappeared in the 1960s and the script replaced with bold text.

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